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Getting the Website Built, is only the Start - in today's Over-Crowed Internet!
When Built & Handled by Teeter, a Managed Web can Guarantee Results! (24/7 - Over & Over!)


website management & website hosting

- Website Keywords are Researched and Strategically Installed where Needed.
- Free Normal Website Updates (Most completed in 1 business day or sooner.)
- Links to Your Business Social Media. (Facebook and More.)
- Website Hosting on TEETER Speciality Servers or Yours.
- Email Set up and Adjustments.

"seo"search engine optimization

- Daily Google & Bing Activities to Keep Your Website at the Top of the Search Engine Listings.
- Internal (SEO) Search Engine Optimization. (On the Pages, in the Code, Behind the Images, and More.)
- Website Keyword Adjusting. (Seasonal, Specials, Area, Products, and More.)
- Search Engine Site Map to help with SEO. (Adjusted to Match Edits and More.)
- Submitting to, and Verification by Google & Bing Search Engines. (Edited when needed.)
- Ongoing Google & Bing Functions. (A list of Trade Secret Function to get you Noticed.)

marketing promoting

- Managed and Promoted by a Experienced Professional Webmaster.
- Normal Ads Built & Posted in Free online Publications, Social Networks. (All Ads built by Teeter are Copyright, and Belong to Teeter, and can Only be Used as Long as you are a Teeter Managed Web Client.)
- RECOMMENDED OPTION: Monthly Marketing Email Blast. (Includes a Custom Built Marketing Ad that is Linked to your Website/Marketing page, and Emailed up to 2000 people monthly.)
- Ad's Linked to a Special Ad-Page/Landing-Page if needed.
- Online Google & Bing Maps (If Qualified).
- Link Exchange Page to Increase SEO. 
- Listed in Free Allowed Online Directory Listings. (Some Directories require Sign-Up be Completed by Business Owner.)
- New Emails Added to your Bulk Mailing List, as they come in from your Web Sign-Up Form. (Monthly Marketing Email Blast Accounts Only.)

reviewin planing adjusting

- Monthly Website Review & Planning Meeting, when needed. (Up to 1hr Review: Stats, Marketing, Keywords, Competition, and More.)
- Website Statistics to see How Well your Website is Doing (How many Visitors, Which Search Engine sent People to you, How they found you, What Keywords they used to Search for you, ... and a Lot More.)
- Website Motoring.

- 1 time Set-Up Fee (Account Set-Up, Web Set-Up, Hosting Server, DNS, Email, and More.)
- A Low Monthly Fee.

RECOMMENDED OPTION: Monthly Marketing Email Blast. (Includes a Custom Built Marketing Ad that is Linked to your Website/Marketing page, and Emailed up to 2000 people monthly.)

- Service is Limited: We will only manage as many accounts as we can handle comfortably. (Don't Lose Your Spot to your Competition.)
- 12 Month Minimum Agreement: - After 12 months, account becomes a Open Month to Month Agreement with 30 Day Cancellation Notice.
- The Website needs to be a Flexible, Self Adjusting, Professionally Built Website that Works on Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, and Smart Phones.
- Guaranteed Websites must be Built by TEETER with Compatible Software and able to work on Teeter Special Hosting Servers.
- Retail Shopping Cart and Wordpress Type Websites Need to be Set-up on your Own Designated Server. (We cannot Guarantee Wordpress type Websites due to 3rd party automatic software updates and website changes.)
- Recommended: Get your Website Built by TEETER. (Guaranteed to Work!)

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